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Many self-employed worry about home loan applications and the amount of hard yards you have to go through in order to make it happen – you may be concerned about whether lenders will even consider you at all for a home loan.

We can relieve the “hassle factor” that may have been getting in the way of your home loan. Most of our valued clients are surprised how easy it really is.

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Questions about self employed loans??


What is a ‘low doc’ home loan?
Low doc is often referred to where a self-employed applicant doesn’t have the standard documents required to verify income, such as tax returns and company financials.

If you have complicated business structures, haven’t done your tax returns or just haven’t been in business long enough then a low doc home loan could be worth considering.

Each lender has different requirements and will seek to verify your income in other ways. Speak with us today and we’ll help you navigate your way through the various low-doc home loan lenders.

How much deposit do I need?
Deposit requirements range depending on which lenders you are eligible for. We have access to low deposit home loans with a 2% deposit, as well as a range of lenders that require a minimum of between 5-10% deposits, some lenders offering low doc may require a slightly bigger deposit which we can advise.

In additional, we have access to a range of parental guarantee lenders that will enable you to use equity in a family member’s home rather than having a cash deposit.

We’ll help you understand each option, who you qualify for and how to ensure the best chance of success with your chosen option.

How much can I really borrow?
Online home loan borrowing calculators are notoriously inaccurate and can often set you off on the wrong path. To make your chance of success harder, each lender will use a different method to calculate how much they will lend you.

Our proactive approach to understanding your borrowing capacity ensures you can go house hunting with some certainly over just how much you can really spend.

We provide a full assessment of your financial position to ensure we understand which lenders you qualify for, and how much each will lend to you.

Visit our ‘True Borrowing Power Calculator’

How long will it take?
Our initial discussion will take no more than 15-20 minutes over the phone to ascertain what options may be available to you.

From there we can give you all the information you need to guide you on your way, if you’re happy with what we’ve spoken about we can arrange a pre-approval to give you peace of mind and ensure you can put forward a strong purchase offer.

Each lender will have a different application time frame and we can advise you of what they are.



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