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If you are struggling to keep up with your current repayments, or just want to simplify your finances – then a debt consolidation could be the answer you are looking for!

Debt consolidation is the process of combining or re-structuring a number of different debts into a single loan in order to reduce the burden on your monthly cash flow. Why struggle with making multiple payments to things like a personal loans, car loans and credit cards, when we can simplify your finances with a single monthly, weekly or fortnightly repayment.

Don’t wait until it is too late and your accounts start becoming overdue. Once this starts to happen it can make it be challenging to refinance debts with arrears – contact us today and take a pro-active approach to your debt consolidation. You will enjoy a much smoother loan process with far more lenders to choose from!


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Questions about debt consolidation loans?


Is this the best option for me if I want to manage my debt?
We have a range of different options available to help with consolidating debts. A personal loan consolidation is only one of the options, but could be a great way to reduce the number of accounts and simplify your monthly budget.
What is the difference between a secured and unsecured loan?
Secured personal loans may offer some advantages, whether you are using the new purchase as security, or simply using an existing vehicle to satisfy the lender – it may be a way to secure and lower rate or help support a high loan amount.

a. You have as much information that you need to make a decision

b. Do the hard work to find the right loan and the right rate through the massive panel of lenders we can access


Do I need a deposit?
Most personal loans don’t have a requirement for a deposit, however it may help increase your chances of an approval if your personal loan is to purchase assets.
How long will it take?
Our initial discussion will take no more than 15-20 minutes over the phone to ascertain what options may be available to you.

From there we can give you all the information you need to guide you on your way, each lender will have a different application time frame and we can advise you of what they are.

How much can I really borrow?
Online borrowing calculators are notoriously inaccurate and can often set you off on the wrong path. To make your chance of success harder, each lender will use a different method to calculate how much they will lend you.

Our proactive approach to understanding your borrowing capacity ensures you can go house hunting with some certainly over just how much you can really spend.

We provide a full assessment of your financial position to ensure we understand which lenders you qualify for, and how much each will lend to you.



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