Six Top DIY Tips to Add Value to your Property

If you are looking to add more value to your property without spending a small fortune, then the DIY approach can be a great option. There are many ways of adding value to your property without need for expensive tradies and house repairers.

Create Space and Repaint the Interior

You can lift the mood in the house by repainting the Interior. Using a room by room approach can make this DIY method of adding value to your property easier. Move your furniture either to the next room or to the middle of the room. Most paints need just a few hours between coats. If you start in the morning, you can complete it by evening.

Expect big rooms to be a little bit time consuming, but if you use the one room at a time approach, it may be easier and you’ll find it done in no time and without all the fuss you thought it would cause!

Change old carpets and replace with new and exciting ones that are trending and consider decluttering all your unwanted items from the rooms – after all first impressions count and a tidy open space is far more attractive.

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Give a face-lift to the Entrance and Exterior

First impressions can make a big difference. If you are thinking of adding more value to your property before listing it for sale, improve the general appearance of the exterior of your home. You can repaint the entrance gate, trim the plants, de-weed the yard, remove cobwebs, hose down the dusty windows and ensure the lawn in an excellent condition. Get a good letter box and fix it outside appropriately. If your lawn is not green enough, you can get new flowers and plant them in the garden.

Visitors can get excited even before entering if you have a stunning exterior.

Get New Curtains and Blinds

Sunlight fades the blinds and curtains overtime. Buying a new set of curtains and blinds can be an inexpensive way of improving the general outlook of your home, or perhaps even modernizing them with the latest trend in blinds.

Install New Modern Light Switches

If you have wires already running to old outdated switches and lighting – you may be able DIY here and install new switching and lighting yourself – though make sure you follow electrical installation safety guidelines. Before starting the replacement of old fittings, ensure you turn off the power to the entire building to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Get New Living Light Bulbs & Covers

Consider swiping old light bulbs with new ones especially those that make the rooms brighter. Fluorescent light bulbs can give you a perfectly lighted room and also save you money on electricity bills as they consume fewer watts than old bulbs. Dim and colorful bulbs can create a sense of perfection.

Uplift the Bathroom and Kitchen.

You can create a new sense of cleanliness in your home by uplifting the condition of your bathroom. Getting a new and modern sink can change the look of your bathroom. Just changing the taps can also help modernize the bathroom. You can add more value to the home by changing the sinks, repainting the cupboard and replacing the door.

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