Who Is Catherine Marriott?

This is a couple of lines on what I do for your and how I do things differently to other mortgage brokers, a couple of sentences is enough. Something short and snappy – about this long.

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About Me

I’m Catherine Marriott – but you can call me Cat, and I jumped into the world of mortgage brokering right after the chaos of Covid. Before that, I spent x years as a real estate agent in Australia, the UK, and my home turf, New Zealand. Oh, and yes, I’m proudly Kiwi!

Think of me as your down-to-earth, problem-solving buddy with a knack for numbers. I’m not one to take no for an answer, especially from those big banks. I’ll fight tooth and nail to get you the best deal possible.

But here’s what sets our team apart: we’re not just about getting you a better mortgage rate or helping you get your dream property. We’re about educating you to cut down those borrowing costs, kick debt to the curb, and actually own your home outright.

I work very closely with our dedicated back-office support team to help with all the tricky paperwork. While I’m here chatting with you, they’re working hard behind the scenes, making sure your application is progressing and the banks are on their toes.

I’m in daily contact with our back-office team to monitor the progress of each application closely.

If you ever need assistance or have questions, I’m just a call away.

How I Can Help You?

I’m about more than getting you a better mortgage rate or helping you get your dream property. I’m all about educating you to cut down borrowing costs, kick debt to the curb, and actually own your home outright – sooner, rather than later.

Available Online

I’m available where you need me by Phone and Video. I’ve personally helped many Aussies get out of bad debt, reduce their repayments substantially and get into their own homes.

Lifetime Home Loan Maintenance

Once I’ve set up your home loan, I don’t stop there!

I want to make sure you achieve your goals and that your mortgage stays affordable for the long term.

I keep in regular contact with your lender and continually renegotiate on your mortgage so that you’re never paying more than you should be.

I’ve Helped


Home Buyers (Including First Home Buyers)




Home Builders & Construction


Credit Impaired


Over 60's


Self Employed


And Everything In Between

My Clients


Alison Delaney

“Fantastic service from beginning to end from Cat and her team at Emanate. Very thorough, went through my needs and my situation. Persistent with the bank when they were slow paying out surplus funds, although the actual loan approval was really fast. I recommend Cat and Emanate to anyone looking to buy or refinance.”

Margie Dabala

“Catherine was absolutely amazing at explaining the process of what we needed to do for our new loan. She guided us every step of the way, kept in regular contact and even offered to go through documents step by step. We not only ended up saving thousands of $$ over the term of our loan but we have found a reliable and trusted broker/friend to help us understand what is what. We highly recommend Cat at Emanate Finance and we couldn’t be more happy with her friendly, honest & efficient work practice. Thank you Cat!!”

Kylie Green

“I have really appreciated the hard work Cat has done for us, she is always there to answer questions and has given us the best advice, I look forward to continuing to work with her for future purchases, her advice has been so helpful, and she worked hard to get us the best mortgage with the lowest interest rate, couldn’t have been happier. Thanks Cat for everything ????”