6 Tips To Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Selling your property for a top dollar seems like an easy thing to do until you actually have to do it. The rule of thumb is that you should get your investment back and ideally, more than that.

A realtor will appraise the house and show you the figures and, if they are switched on, will show you a few ways of increasing the value it could sell for.

Today we’ll play the role of that realtor and introduce to a couple of things you could try out to get top dollar when selling your house.

The 6 Dos

  1. Work on the Bigger Picture

A house can look an awful lot smaller than it is due to a chaos of king-sized furniture and hundreds of trinkets lying around. If you want to hook a client, you should take out all the mess and store it elsewhere.

The house will become larger almost instantaneously. Also, consider removing everything that’s too personal, like family photos, for instance. If you do this, it will be easier for the potential client to see himself/herself living there.

  1. The “Facelift”

If the house needs any repairs, however minor, don’t beat around the bush: take action. Nobody would want to buy a house that’s too much work – especially if those issues could’ve been solved within a few days.

  1. Point Out the Shortcomings

There isn’t a house in this world that doesn’t have some flaws. Be honest and don’t try to conceal them. Buyers appreciate honesty and aren’t very keen on being misled.

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  1. Don’t Overprice the House

We all want as much money as possible, but if you’re trying to get that from pricing your house unrealistically, you can rest assured it won’t happen. Get ahold of a realtor and price the property in the aftermath of the appraisal – from there a good agent may be able to get a higher price once it goes to market – but if it’s priced to high, no one will visit the house!

  1. Be Available to Show the House Whenever

This is actually really important. If you’re constantly turning people down because you’re at work or too busy, they’ll eventually lose their interest in the house. And here’s something even more important – make visitors feel like home!

If they want to take a stroll through the rooms, don’t behave as if they were there to steal your stuff. Leave them be.

  1. Boost the Curb Appeal

Plant colourful flowers on the lawn, clean the pool and do everything you can to increase the visual appealing of the house. This goes a really long way.

In Summary

Now hopefully you’re one step closer to selling your property for top dollar. The best way to find out what repairs and upgrades the house needs is to have a realtor take a look at it, then follow their advice (as long as they don’t go too far from your own vision). And take your time, there will always be people that want to buy houses.


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